Recommended age: 6-10 Years Old

Pixel Create is a hands-on, elementary science solution that develops science practices in the classroom through a robot-based learning system. It engages and motivates Vottronauts to solve real-world science problems by working with engineering, technology and coding using the LEGO® WeDo.

This class is an introduction to robotics where Vottronauts will learn to code using an entry-level robot. Vottronauts will have to program the robot to accomplish different tasks.

Vottronauts will explore, create and share their scientific discoveries as they build, program and modify projects. Through a series of collaborative challenges, they deeply engage with science, engineering, technology, and coding, sparking a love for experimentation and investigation.

Vottronauts will learn subjects like physical sciences, life sciences, earth and space sciences and engineering more effectively. They will also  improve and develop their 21st century skills, like problem solving, collaboration and communication.

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October 12, 2017